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Testimonials, Feedback & Reviews

Our students/participants have shared their personal experiences and feedback on how Tai Chi and Qigong have positively affected their lives.

Thank you to all!

Harley M. Andover, MA (New)

Top notch instruction!

I studied tai chi for years when I lived in New York but never took the time to find a new instructor when I moved to the Boston area for a job in 1998. Recently I retired from my hectic career and decided it was time to get back into tai chi.

I was delighted to discover that a student of the famous Yang Jwing-Ming (the gold standard for tai chi instruction in the U.S.) teaches in Andover.


I've now been training there for several months and it is everything I hoped for: instructors with deep expertise and the ability to explain what they are doing in clear English, a well-appointed facility, classes that move at a pace that feels right, and a cost that's affordable.


I just finished the last summer class and I have already signed up for a fall class together with a seminar with Master Yang, who will be visiting here from California in September.

Robert C. Andover, MA

I highly recommend the Tai Chi classes taught by Alex.  His methodical, patient approach coupled with his affable personality make the classes fun as we learn the form and the deeper aspects of Tai Chi.  Some key observations include:

  • Alex has clearly thought through his approach, introducing drills and concepts before adding them to the form.  This really helps with learning the next steps.  He also incrementally "raises the bar" on the movements so we are always improving.

  • He shows the application of the movements, which is very helpful in visualizing the proper technique.

  • Alex keeps the class interesting through his humor and variety; each class is different.

  • He is keenly observing each person in the class and tailors his feedback to where they are, personalizing the class.  


There are many benefits to Tai Chi; Alex's class adds a sense of community through his welcoming and friendly approach.  I'm looking forward to continuing and making it a regular part of my life.

Diane P. Andover, MA

I ended up getting Covid last year and I got it really bad! I developed extremely high blood pressure afterwards, medicine helped to control it but I ended up being stressed all the time worrying about my heart. My daughter was taking Tai Chi with Alex and told me to try it.  I am so glad I did, not only did my stress levels go down so did my blood pressure. The best part about doing Tai Chi is not only does it relax me but it helps with my rheumatoid arthritis. It is so nice to be able to exercise and not hurt. It is low impact and slower  more calculated movements, which is very good for my bones! I would highly recommend taking a class!

Kathy K.  Andover, MA

You asked for feedback, and I have only positive things to say. These are some of the top things I rave about:


--You are dedicated. Although I’ve never been able to take advantage of the before- or after-session extra help, I appreciate that you offer it.


--You correct us. There are teachers who think students will be embarrassed to be corrected, but it’s the only way to learn! 


--You have a great sense of humor. It’s wonderful how you can be both serious about tai chi, but also relaxed enough to joke. I think it’s your attitude that makes the whole class be friendly and collaborative with each other.


--I’m impressed and grateful that every class is different, based on where you know we need help, what we’ve done before, and where we need to get to. 


--Finally, I also really like that you show us the applications because it does help me understand how the positions and movements are supposed to be done.

Neal D. Reading, MA

The tai chi (short form) class I took was great. My first attempt was thwarted after 3 classes due to covid and I was issued a refund without even mentioning it. Alex really has a great consideration for the comfort level and abilities of the students taking the class, and really tries to accommodate and provide support for each student whether they're beginners or experienced.


It's a casual atmosphere even though Alex and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and qualified in the art.
I plan on going back to the beginner's class.

Ron R. Andover, MA

My wife and I have been taking Tai Chi at Yang's since the start of the year and can't say enough good things about the experience. Alex is an incredible instructor and everyone we have met in the classes have been super helpful and supportive for people (like me) who were just trying this for the first time. If this is something you've never tried before, I would highly recommend it.

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