Dr. Yang's Seminars

October 2nd (Sunday)

 Dr. Yang has dedicated his life to sharing his deep knowledge of Chinese Internal & External Martial Arts. 

He has spent decades studying, translating, and explaining the complexities of the Chinese arts and

has published dozens of books and DVDs covering this vast array of topics.


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Questions? Contact us at yangsandover@gmail.com
Sunday Seminar

Medical/Healing Qigong

Dr. Yang will be instructing various Qigong exercises to help with various health conditions.

This seminar will include how to:

  • ​​Build the Central Energy System

  • Boost the Immune System

  • Increase the Quantity of Qi’s Storage

  • How to Maintain Healthy Conditions of Five Yin Organs


Qigong benefits the following health conditions:

~ Low Energy

~ Joint Problems (Hips, Knees, Ankles)

~ Spine and Lower Back Pain

~ Poor Digestion System 

~ Breathing Difficulties

~ High Blood Pressure.

When: Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

Time: 9 am to 5 pm (lunch Noon to 2 pm)

Length: 6 hours 

Experience Level: No experience required! 

This seminar will be 20% lecture 80% practice.

Location: 34 Park St., Andover (inside Andover Fit Body Boot Camp)

Questions: Contact us at yangsandover@gmail.com.

Small group discounts available contact us for details!

Sorry this seminar is full. See note above!