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Pushing Hands


In Push Hands, two partners work together to improve each other's balance. These exercises are applicative expressions of the various postures within the Tai Chi form.

The foundation of Tai Chi lies within martial arts, so self-defense principles are interwoven throughout the routines.

Even though many Tai Chi enthusiasts aren't looking to use it in a fight, proper alignment is critical to good Tai Chi practice. It's all based on balance. And nothing informs you that you are off balance better than a good push.


Pushing Hands class
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Pushing Hands Workshop

How is Pushing Hands helpful in understanding Tai Chi:

  •  Partner work is helpful to inform us where we hold tension, or where we need to work on structure.

  • We discover how Tai Chi should feel, as that is impossible from a picture or by watching.

  • Single/ Double Push  Hands is easy to learn and feel and is part of the Foundation for understanding further skills.

  • New students will focus on Single Push Hands.

Time: TBA
When: TBA
Instructor: Paul Blake
18 Red Spring Rd, Andover

(Inside Fit Body Boot Camp) 

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