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 Offering Mind | Body Classes since 1988

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Seasonal Qigong
with Paul Blake

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New Tai Chi Classes!
(Early Bird rate available!)
Dr. Yang returning in 2023!
(Early Bird rates won't last long!)

This workshop will cover:​

~ How your body responds to each season.

~ How to transition from one season to the next. 

~ Using breath and vocalizations to supercharge your practice.

  • Beginner's Tai Chi

  • Once or twice a week

  • Three days to choose from

3 Special Seminars

~ Pushing Hands

~ Soft White Crane Qigong

~ Tai Chi Principles for Health


Tai Chi
“First you must be calm, then your mind can be steady. Once your mind is steady, then you are at peace. Only when you are at peace, are you able to think and finally gain.”  Dr Yang

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