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Beginners Tai Chi

Beginner's Tai Chi Classes


Friday PM and/or Saturday AM

Tai Chi (Taiji) is a gentle, low-impact exercise suitable for participants of any age and varying physical ability. It is a therapeutic exercise derived from Chinese martial arts, focusing on the circulation of Chi (Qi), or "life energy" found within all living things. Sometimes called "moving meditation," millions around the world practice it daily as a gentle stress-reducing exercise.

Qigong is introduced to help beginners understand and feel Chi (Qi).

Some benefits of Tai Chi include:
~ Reduced stress

~ Increased mobility, flexibility & balance
~ Increased energy & vitality
~ Improved general health
~ Relief from asthma symptoms, back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, and more.



~ Fridays, starting February 17th (6  - 7:15 pm) 

~ Saturdays, starting February 18th (11 am- 12:15 pm)


Length: 8-weeks 

Note: Missed classes can be made up within the 8-week session!
Location:  34 Park St., Andover (inside Andover Fit Body Boot Camp)

Pushing Hands workshop

Push Hands Workshop

(Beginners level & above)
Exploring Tai Chi's Foundations with a Partner.

Tai Chi's fundamental principles are best understood when working with a partner. Tai Chi's two-person drills are called Push Hands. Practicing with a partner greatly enhances the understanding of Tai Chi.

Push Hands moves beyond choreography and develops sensitivity and intuition. Push Hands teaches the evolution of techniques from defense to counterattack and back. It is a synthesis of multiple skills, both physical and mental.

Seminar participants will learn.
  • Listening/Sensitivity to the opponent.

  • Understanding the intent of the opponent.

  • Leading force away from themselves.

  • Neutralizing the opponent's power.

  • Rooting and whole body motion

All the drills will be conducted in a fun safe way to advance all participants' skills. Smooth precise movements will be emphasized over power.

When: Sunday, February 12th

Time: 1 pm to 3 pm

Cost: $39 (early bird)

Instructor: Jeff Pratt

Rejuvenation Qigong

Rejuvenation Qigong
with Paul Blake

This course will cover exercises:

  • To stimulate the body’s healing processes,

  • To help Qi (chi) energy move more freely within the body to help it revitalize, and

  • To use your hands-on experience to gain a fuller understanding of the mind/ body connection.


Length: 4-Weeks

When:  Wednesdays, starting Feb. 15 

Time: 7 - 8 pm

Cost: $65 (early bird)
Instructor: Paul Blake
Location: 34 Park St., Andover
(inside Fit Body Boot Camp)

Qigong Ball

Qigong Ball Workshop
with Paul Blake

Qigong Ball teaches how:

  • To discover proper Tai Chi movement,

  • To tone and condition the tendons and ligaments,

  • To strengthen the body’s structure, and

  • To unify the Internal and External principles of Tai Chi

This workshop will cover:

  • Enhancing the Mind/body connection,

  • Qigong Ball Circling Patterns,

  • How the Patterns are found throughout Tai Chi, and

  • The key to developing grace, fluidity, power, and health.


When: Saturday, March 11th 

Time: 11 am to 12:30 pm

Cost: $35 (early bird)
Instructor: Paul Blake
Location: 34 Park St., Andover (inside Fit Body Boot Camp)


*Please bring a ball around the size & weight of a soccer ball. 

Yoga with Diana

Mondays, 7 - 8 pm

Suitable for beginners & existing practitioners.


The classes begin with quiet breathing/centering of the mind and progress to a light flow, ending with restorative stretching and relaxation (aka savasana).  In typical Diana fashion, you may also experience a bit of focused core strengthening!

Please bring a yoga/sticky mat, water, a hand towel, and yoga blocks (optional).


Join Registered Yoga Teacher Diana Kiesel for Yoga at Andover Fit Body Bootcamp.

Senior Center

"Taiji for Health"
at Andover Senior Center 
(Robb Center) 

Instructor: Meg Holmes

When: Tuesday morning from 9:15-10:15 am


For information and registration:

please call 978-623-8320


Private Lessons
with Alex Kiesel

Private lessons are an excellent way to get started or continue your study of Martial Arts.  We understand that life can be hectic and it’s impossible sometimes to make schedule class time or maybe group classes aren’t for you.  

Available options:

  • 30 or 45-minutes sessions.

  • One on one or small groups.

  • Instruction in Tai Chi - Short or Long form.


For rates or more info contact us @ or 978-494-4355

Private Lessons
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